Emergency bed keeps Morgan safe

Morgan Shewan in her new emergency loan bed from Newlife.
Morgan Shewan in her new emergency loan bed from Newlife.

A young Inverurie girl is now able to sleep safely through the night following the emergency loan of a special bed.

Morgan Shewan, 11, recently received the special bed from the Newlife Foundation for Disabled Children.

Morgan has Downs Syndrome, autistic traits, sleep apnoea and a respiratory condition meaning she has to use a mask ventilator and dehumidifier to help her breathe.

She also has a condition called PICA which means she will eat things which are not food.

At night Morgan is very mobile and previously kicked the sides of her former bed.

She would also eat the mesh of the bed, creating a hole to climb out of, resulting in Morgan scraping her back on the metal and pulling the vital equipment leading to potential damage and putting her at risk.

Morgan’s previous bed was donated to the family two years ago also by Newlife.

However, Morgan’s mum Jennifer turned to the charity again for their help to give Morgan somewhere safe to sleep.

Jennifer said: “Because of the new bed I know she is safe at night.

“I still hear her moving about, but I know she’s not coming to any harm so I am more relaxed.”

Morgan’s emergency bed features Perspex sides and one of the doors has been replaced with cot bars allowing the tubing for her ventilator to pass through easily.

Jennifer added: “The Perspex sides mean we can see her and she can see us as well as all the disco lights in her room that she loves.”

“She’s so much happier now.

“I want to thank Newlife for all their help, as usual they were just amazing!”

Newlife specialises in supporting children affected by all disabilities and terminal illnesses.

The charity launched its Newlife Aberdeenshire Fund to help people find out who needs help in the area.

There are six children, including Morgan, in Aberdeenshire with equipment needs totalling over £14,000 .

To find out more on the charity visit: www.newlifecharity.co.uk