Bennachie pathway project completed

Forest Craftsman Tommy Murphy
Forest Craftsman Tommy Murphy

Major rebuilding work has been completed on one of Bennachie’s most popular pathways.

Forestry Commission Scotland carried out a £20,000 upgrade to a section of the Mither Tap quarry trail, which had been closed over the last month.

The path had been badly eroded by frequent torrential rain and the sheer number of visitors to Bennachie’s Oxen Craig summit.

Emily Holmes, the Commission’s recreation ranger for the area said: “Bennachie is such an iconic forest that it gets around 150,000 visitors each year.

“There’s a lot to see – whether it’s the wildlife, the historic sites or simply the fantastic views from the top – and the extensive network of paths provide fantastic recreation opportunities.

“Unfortunately, the high level of footfall and the increasingly frequent heavy rains had left the path in a very poor state and visitors were tending to walk up the side of the line of the old path, causing further erosion.

“We’ve now completed the path work and provided a robust path that will help protect Bennachie and enable many more visitors to take in the hilltop views in years to come.”

Although the work is completed, the Commission is asking that mountain bikers avoid using the path for a couple of weeks as the materials are still settling and could easily be damaged by bike tyres.