Cash for Green Projects

Aberdeenshire Environmental Forum are offering environmental improvers assistance with funding.

Aberdeenshire encompasses a range of wildlife habitats of unsurpassed variety, a patchwork of fields and villages, planted woods and towns, each joined to its neighbour by a web of burns, roads, hedges and dykes. The final piece of this environmental jigsaw is an important one; the people. Those who live, work and play in Aberdeenshire, some of whom try to ensure that the pieces of the jigsaw are not lost for this and future generations.

It is these people who work to ensure that the precious environment is maintained and enhanced for all forms of life, that the Greener Aberdeenshire Awards aim to recognise and assist. Be it wildlife, conservation, care, raising awareness, composting or recycling, every little helps.

If the work you are engaged in is worthy of recognition, but needs some financial assistance, this could be the answer.

To apply for an application form, visit or send a stamped addressed envelope to Aberdeenshire Environmental Forum, Keltswells Farmhouse, Rothienorman, AB51 8YN