Council confirms: dummy correct, no parking here

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THE TIMES was contacted by an interested reader earlier this week enquiring about the origin of the scarecrow outside Costcutters in Oldmeldrum.

The dummy - in a apparently good natured fashion - bears a sign round his neck saying: “Yer nae supposed tae park here!”.

The Times investigated whether the dummy in question was, in fact, correct in his assertion that the space outside Costcutters is not intended for parking.

Aberdeenshire Council’s media office confirmed this is indeed the case on Tuesday afternoon.

Philip McKay, Head of Roads and Landscape Services for Aberdeenshire Council told the Times: “The area in question is not a designated parking area.”

“Recently Grampian Police have been placing “No Waiting” cones in that area, but unfortunately they are routinely being ignored, or removed. I would ask that motorists make use of designated parking provision in the area, and show due consideration to other road users when parking their vehicles.”

A spokesman for Meldrum Amenities Improvement Group said that the dummy - Hamish -belonged to the group.