Councillors asked to back energy project

COUNCILLORS have been asked to approve Aberdeenshire Council’s participation in a European energy efficiency scheme.

As part of the Europbuild project, the council would investigate refurbishment options for public buildings to increase their energy efficiency, as well as help to develop guidance and best practice on how to implement the necessary changes required to achieve this.

The project will also encourage the use of renewable energy within buildings, while looking at finance models to ensure that the most economically feasible way of refurbishing buildings will be sought through analysis of existing methods.

Working alongside partnership agencies in the UK, Greece, Poland, Italy, Crotia, Spain and Bulgaria, Aberdeenshire Council would identify a selection of buildings within the region to be audited, benchmarked and explored for financing options to improve their energy efficiency and bring them into the category recognised as nearly zero energy buildings.

The methodology used for this process will be agreed by all partners to ensure that the technique used is transferable across all member states.

The Europbuild (Energy Upgrade Refurbishment of Public Buildings) project aims to demonstrate that an integrated approach to renewable energy and energy efficiency within buildings is necessary for both public and private sector.