Golf Club in ‘eco’ first

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KEMNAY Golf Club has become the first golf club in Scotland to be awarded the Scottish Golf Environmental Certificate for “ENERGY”.

In their award letter The Scottish Golf Environment Group congratulated the Club for “reaching such a high standard in energy efficiency and alternate energy projects”.

Kemnay Golf Club celebrated its centenary in 2008 with a decision to invest in improving their carbon footprint. They set out to make significant changes to ensure that their future energy use would contribute positively to the Club’s overall environmental and economic performance.

In 2010, after nearly two years of research and with help from SCARF and the Energy Savings Trust , the Club completely replaced their clubhouse lighting system, installing the latest low energy technology.

Next, they installed six 2.5 sq.m. solar energy panels which now produce all the hot water requirements for their busy kitchens, changing rooms and showers.

The addition of a 30 ft Wood Pellet Biomass Boiler and fuel storage unit, supplied by Highland Wood Energy, as well as a completely new radiator system has brought the Clubhouse’s energy efficiency up to the highest possible standard of performance.

Club Captain, Craig Sangster, said: “It is fantastic to be the first golf club in Scotland to receive this award – we have a forward-looking, dynamic team at Kemnay G.C. and we know that all our members and corporate customers are pleased to identify with our high standards of environmental performance. And of course, the investment is paying dividends for everybody with very significant savings on our annual energy costs!”

Kemnay Golf Club received a Scottish Biomass Heat Scheme grant of £36,000 from Forestry Commission Scotland and an interest free loan from the Energy Savings Trust to finance their projects. The overall cost was just in excess of £108,000.