Praise for council clear-up

An Ellon councillor has expressed her thanks to Aberdeenshire Council for clearing up refuse that was strewn across land at Balmacassie Business Park.

Councillor Gillian Owen recently received a complaint from a local resident regarding the rubbish left on privately-owned ground opposite the Tesco site.

Mrs Owen, who described the scene as “disgraceful”, has been monitoring the situation.

She said: “What a mess had been left, rubbish and excrement all around.

“It is not helped by lorries being parked up overnight.

“I now see that Bruce & Partners have installed boulders at both ends of the road to try and stop overnight parking, but sadly rather than stopping lorries they now appear to just park along the road.”

The councillor added: “I am not sure that the boulders have helped any, but as a private, unadopted road there appears to be little that can be done.

“I am interested in what residents think and would welcome their thoughts.

“Also, I would say a very big thank you to Aberdeenshire Council who have had that area cleared up with the help of Community Pay Back litter pick.”