Recycle your Christmas Cards

Recycle your old Christmas cards
Recycle your old Christmas cards

The Woodland Trust is urging everyone to help protect the UK’s woodland by dropping their Christmas cards off at their local Marks & Spencer store. For every 1,000 cards recycled in store, M&S will fund the planting of one tree.

The UK is already 8,135 trees richer thanks to customers’ efforts last year – when a staggering 8.1 million cards were dropped into M&S stores. This season, special card collection bins are already in M&S stores - where they will stay until Saturday, January 31.

Sarah Locker of the Woodland Trust explained: “It’s a win, win. By recycling cards via the Marks & Spencer Christmas Card Recycling Scheme, you are playing a key part in turning unwanted waste into much needed trees – so it goes one better than simply recycling your cards in your green wheelie bins!

“By dropping your cards off at M&S stores, you’re helping us to plant new woodland or, to think of it another way, grow new homes for hundreds of species, from dormice to woodpeckers, beetles to butterflies.”

Mike Barry, Director of Plan A at M&S said, “This brilliant scheme plays an important role in helping our customers live a more sustainable lifestyle, a key part of our eco and ethical programme.

“Small steps taken by individuals can have a huge impact and the M&S collection boxes make it easy for anyone to get involved in preserving our natural habitats, simply by dropping off their Christmas card at their local store.”