Tree felling at Pitcaple Woods

TREE felling work will be taking place in Pitcaple Woods near Inverurie starting on Monday (October 8) and is likely to last until at least mid November. The wood will be closed during this time to allow the work to be carried out safely and quickly.

The work will involve thinning sections of the wood. The periodic removal of some trees in an area is done where there are a lot of trees growing too close together and a proportion of the trees are removed to give the best ones space and light to grow into a more valuable crop. This is usually carried out several times at intervals. It is a necessary operation in the production of quality timber.

Forestry Commission Scotland Forester, Dave Garrow, said, “Harvesting machines will be working in the forest over the next few months. We do ask for people’s patience and help throughout the work by keeping clear of the area. Entering an area where timber harvesting is ongoing can be dangerous.”