Evacuee day for Port Elphinstone

pORT Elphinstone school held an authentic evacuee day earlier this week which promted many comments from the children in P6 and P7 but on the whole they enjoyed the day which started in the Pleasure Park in Kemnay.

There the children met their evacuee families and were taken either singly or in pairs by strangers to an unknown destination which proved to be Kemnay’s Church Centre.

Chloe Hay said: “I thought it was really good and exciting and we experienced what the real evacuees felt. We were paired up with our families when we got off the bus.”

But unfortunately, Libby Allison wasn’t paired off with anyone. She said: “I was on my own, but someone did pick me at the end.”

Liam Richie thought it was really good: “We learned a bit more about ARP (Air Raid Police) and we tasted war time food like toad in the hole and carrot cookies.”

Callum Hogg said: “I thought it was really good fun and the food was better than school dinners. The corned beef hash was really good – I enjoyed the carrot cookies and the cabbage was nice as well.

Mrs Renton said: “The aim of the day was to give the children as authentic an experience as possible to be evacuated. They had no idea of where they were going when we set off and they were billeted with different people. Some went off with their families as individuals, others went in pairs but they had no idea where they were going or what they were going to do.

“When they got to the Church Centre they spent time chatting to their new families, filled in their new addresses, their new ration books and ID cards and each wrote a post card to their mums to say they were ok.”

Corey Simpson concluded: “It wasn’t always good being an evacuee – it could be a very scary experience.”