Explosion fears amid garage fire

Blaze drama: Firefighters monitor the aftermath of the garage fire
Blaze drama: Firefighters monitor the aftermath of the garage fire

PART of an Inverurie street was sealed off amid fears of an explosion from a gas cylinder following a fire in a residential garage.

The blaze broke out next to a house in North Street about 11.30 am on Friday, January 6. No one was injured but a car in the garage was destroyed.

Garage Fire

Garage Fire

Fire crews initially set up a 100-metre exclusion road but later reduced it to an area surrounding the property, allowing traffic flow to resume.

Aberdeen City station manager Paul Geddes said there was extensive damage to the garage and its contents.

He added: “We sent two appliances to the scene and the fire was quickly extinguished by two jets. The fire was in the garage and involved an acetylene cylinder, so it caused us a bit more concern.

“We set up an exclusion zone as a precaution and the fire service will be in attendance, monitoring for a period of time. Initially, there was an exclusion zone of 100 metres but that has now been reduced to the confines of the premises.”

The fire was put out in around 15 minutes and damping down continued until the blast threat from the gas cylinder was over.

Traffic and passers-by were diverted away from the scene while the operation continued to make the area safe.

The station manager explained that there was always a danger when acetylene was involved.

He said: “You’ve really just got to treat it with a lot of respect. After it’s been involved in a fire incident acetylene is an unstable item. You have to apply cooling to it and check that there’s no heating within it.

“Once it has been heated it can decompose inside the cylinder and can go ‘bang’.”

Mr Geddes added: “You’d be surprised where you find these things. It’s surprising how many people have acetylene cylinders in their garages.”

Two other vehicles in the driveway of the property appeared to be undamaged. An investigatiion was launched to establish the cause of the fire.