Farming's take on the Unilever vs Tesco spat

Farming's take on spat
Farming's take on spat

NFU Scotland’s President Allan Bowie has used his website blog to outline farming’s take on the public spat between multinational manufacturer Unilever and the UK’s biggest retailer Tesco.

For many at the very start of the food production chain, they may look a little jealously at the ability of a major player to positively tackle supermarket food price deflation. The whole spat also throws light on NFU Scotland’s mantra – No farmers, no food!

Allan makes the point that unless farmers receive a sustainable price for their produce, then it’s continued production can’t be guaranteed.

The reality is that farm incomes have halved in four years and prolonged periods of unsustainable pricing are dragging down long standing businesses that have to date been resilient and enterprising.

And he adds that there is most certainly an argument that because of the ‘Brexit’ vote, supermarkets should look to source more food from more of our farmers, growers, crofters, and our food and drink manufacturers, where there is no exchange rate impact

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