Festival to show the Value of Age

GORDON Forum for the Arts have unveiled their brand new arts festival in Inverurie, hosted, supported, created and aimed at older people in Garioch.

Called The Value of Age, this bite-size festival includes music, poetry, exhibitions, performances and art interventions around the town over a two week period this September and October, and is part of the Luminate, the national creative ageing festival led by Creative Scotland.

The Value of Age is the brain child of the Gordon Forum for the Arts, a long established local community group whose aim has always been to support and encourage the arts in the central Aberdeenshire. In the past the group has helped many talented youngsters on their way to creative careers. More recently, the group has decided to focus its attention on arts and older people.

Festival events include:

The Square Meal, a choreographed outdoor lunch performance led by artist Merlyn Riggs in the square by Inverurie Town Hall. 61 people over 60 years of age will enjoy lunch and participate in a public discussion about growing old, their hopes and desires. Come and watch on Monday, September 24, at 1pm.

The Inverurie Orchestra perform a selection of film and classical music at Inverurie Academy, with tea and cakes to follow on Saturday, September 29, from 2-3pm.

Renowned North East poets Sheena Blackhall and Catriona Yule perform in Pleyfauld House sheltered housing (non-public venue) on Sunday, September 30, at 2pm

Doric sketches and poems by veteran performer Lorna Alexander in the Acorn Centre Café, West High St, Inverurie, on Tuesday, October 2, at 2.30pm

The Value of Age Marketplace Local groups, artists and agencies display their work with and for older people at Inverurie Town Hall, on Wednesday, October, from 10am to 4pm

Music and Memories, a radio broadcast led by artist Merlyn Riggs on Shmu Radio 99.8 FM on Thursday, October 18, from 12-1pm

An exhibition of winning entries from the Value of Age online photography competition at the Farmers Market on Saturday, October 14, and at Inverurie Library, with a talk on photographic techniques by a professional photographer

Respected Psychiatrist and enthusiastic viola player with the Inverurie Orchestra, the Chair of the Forum is Ian Clark. He says, “Much has been quoted in the media about the cost of ageing to society but little about the value of age as demonstrated through the knowledge, skills and artistic interests of older citizens. The Gordon Forum want to know what creative interests and activities older people would like to see developed and what may limit their involvement in the arts. We hope that the festival will encourage older people to access and enjoy a taste of what the local arts scene can offer.”

The Value of Age has been helped on its way by a grant from Age Scotland and support from Aberdeenshire Council Arts Development Team, and the group hopes it will become a regular fixture each year. For more information please visit www.gordonforum.co.uk