Festive treat in store at latest Ellon Cinema Day

Ellon Cinema opened its doors for the second time in December offering a festive feel to the end of the year.

Get Santa was screened for the younger audience and Mr Turner was offered to the evening crowds with the addition of mulled wine, punch and mince pies.

Get Santa

December 28 is a very special day for our family as it’s our daughter Molly’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to take her and a party of friends to the cinema? So, accompanied by a band of excited, chocolate-fuelled and still a little bouncy-from-Christmas little girls, we all sat down to watch the film. Get Santa is a British-made film where we find Santa, (Jim Broadbent), marooned in a London suburb shed, separated from his trusty reindeer after making a crash-landing in his sleigh. 9 year old Tom discovers Santa and drags his estranged father, Steve, who has recently been released from prison and on parole, into the secret. Initially Steve thinks Santa is some kind of crank so warns Santa away, who then flees and attempts to rescue his reindeer from Battersea Dogs Home. In time, however, Steve realises that the man who claims to be Santa is real. What follows is the story of father and son gathering the reindeer, discovering the sleigh, taking a trip to Elfland and hoping to rescue Santa (himself now imprisoned) in a bid to save Christmas and stop millions of children being disappointed on Christmas morning.

What is touching about this film is the effect Santa has not on the children, but the adults in the film. Children, of course, know Santa is real, there is no question, but for adults, as we get older, the ability to suspend our disbelief fades and eventually we often lose that magic of believing in the Big Bearded One. In the film, Santa is able to convince first Steve, and then many of the inmates in prison of his identity by revealing personal experiences and Christmas presents of their past that only they would know. I found this really moving. Most of the inmates had a lousy childhood and there is a hint in the film that young Tom may end up like his dad if his father didn’t begin to show more responsibility and not end back in prison, a little difficult when his parole officer is hell-bent on getting him back into the slammer. The relationship between Tom and Steve is restored as the film continues, as Tom begins to grow trust in his dad again and a once lost closeness between the pair is rekindled.

Get Santa is an amusing, heart-warming family film which oozes with the magic of Christmas. The inclusion of well-known Warwick Davis as Santa’s getaway pretend elf only added to the enjoyment. The gang of girls I sat with all loved it, their favourite bits being mostly where the reindeer suffer from flatulence and a police officer being hit in the face with reindeer poo. To be honest, whenever there was bottom-burping reindeer and poo there was enormous giggling and laughter from our lot and I think the director missed a trick there by not including more.

A hit with the kids and one to watch on DVD next Christmas with a box of chocolates 7/10.

Mr Turner

I was unable to attend the evening screening of Mr Turner (still recovering from a birthday party!), but am pleased to report that the table-seating provided went down a storm. Wine, mulled wine, punch and mince pies were warmly received by the audience and I think I can say that the idea of offering a festive feel for our last film of the year was a success. It is certainly something the volunteers at Ellon Cinema will think to do again so many thanks to those who came to support the event.

Our next Cinema Day will be on Sunday, January 11 where we will be screening Penguins of Madagascar, The Hobbit- The Battle of Five Armies and The Imitation Game.

Tickets will be available from The Chocolate Bar, J&K Shoes and the Victoria Hall on Fridays 12.30pm – 1.30pm. They will also be available on the door on the day. For more details please follow our Facebook page “Ellon Cinema”. Everyone at Ellon Cinema would like to thank you for supporting us over this last year, look forward to seeing you next year and wish you all a very happy 2015.