Fetternear WRI welcome Kintore members

Fetternear WRI enjoyed the company of Kintore members recently at their meeting.

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014, 9:00 am

Elsie Murray presided at the April business meeting and members were given reports from Jules Davison, secretary and Iris Keith, treasurer.

Elsie thanked the Committee for their support through the year.

Dorothy Grant then thanked Elsie for her hard work as President.

The evening was then handed over to Kintore to conduct business and provide the entertainment for the meeting. Call my Bluff with Doric words, a floral art demonstration with running commentary and a magical transformation of face cloths turning into Easter bunnies and knitted chicks entertained the members very well.

The new committee are:

President: Elsie Murray, vice president: Jane Fish, secretary: Dorothy Grant, treasurer: Iris Keith, points secretary: Elsie Aiken, press secretary: Margaret Salter, group delegate Betty Lawie, committee: Kirsten Wallace and Jules Davison.

A lovely tea was served by Elsie Murray and Lyn Stevenson.

Meanwhile, the raffle was run by Iris Keith.

Kintore kindly judged the competitions and results were as follows;

Results: 3 months syllabus: 1. Betty Lawie 2. Dorothy Grant 3. Elsie Murray.

Decorated egg: 1. Elma Riddell 2. Dorothy Grant 3. Betty Lawie.

Flower of month: Dorothy Grant 2. Elma Riddell 3. Margaret Salter.

The New Zealand Trophy was won by Dorothy Grant.

Most points of the year Souter Salver was also picked up by Dorothy Grant.

Meanwhile, the runner-up cup was awarded to Jules Davison.

Margaret Salter gave a well deserved vote of thanks to all who made for a very enjoyable evening.