Garioch Probus Club

Member Colin Millar was the speaker at the last meeting of Garioch Probus Club, having been introduced by President, Derek Murray.

Colin’s presentation was on “Living and Working in Africa”. He described some of his experiences while working as a college lecturer and researcher in agriculture and forestry in various regions of Africa in the later years of the 20th and the early years of this century.

In his travels around South and Central Africa, Colin had the opportunity to visit some well-known natural attractions including Victoria Falls, Kilimanjaro and Lake Victoria. He spent time in several African countries including Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Zanzibar and Namibia. He visited many places and made many friends during his travels and his presentation to Probus was both interesting and informative.

Mike Neely gave the vote of thanks and before the meeting closed, Golf Section Convener, John Sim announced the arrangements for the annual competition for the Beveridge Cup on September 27.

Probus is derived from the words professional and business. It is an association of retired people who join together in a non-political, non-sectarian club which provides a regular opportunity for them to meet like minded folk, make new friends and expand their interests.

All clubs are sponsored by Rotary Clubs - one of the first clubs was formed by the Rotary Club of Welwyn Garden City. This first club was called The Campus Club, and the name was selected from the fact that the meeting place was facing the centre of town called ‘The Campus’.

The Rotary District published a leaflet about the idea to encourage other Rotary Clubs to sponsor a similar club.