Garioch Probus Club report

President George Cadenhead welcomed members to the latest meeting of the Garioch Probus Club.

Members observed in silence the memory of Bill Crichton, who had died recently. Bill had been a long-standing and faithful member of Probus.

Guest speaker Calum McLean was introduced to members by his father, Probus member Alistair. Calum is an engineer and Projects Director working in the offshore oil industry. He gave members an interesting presentation on ‘Oil tankers which never come to port’.

These ‘FPSO’ vessels - floating, production, storage, offloading - are in common usage in the offshore oil industry in various areas of the world, mainly for storage and distribution as required.

The talk covered all aspects of this very important sector of offshore oil production, including routine inspections, maintenance and repairs, as well as the various security problems which might arise in certain areas.

Calum’s presentation proved to be of great interest to his Probus audience, on whose behalf Bert Cadenhead gave thanks.