Garioch Probus Report

President George Cadenhead welcomed members at the latest meeting of the Garioch Probus Club before asking Bob Sczerbo to introduce his guest speaker, Erica Wilkinson who gave a presentation entitled ‘The Beekeeper’s Year’.

Erica is the wife of a beekeeper, and as such was able to give Probus members a comprehensive, detailed and occasionally quite technical presentation on all aspects of beekeeping and honey production.

Erica had brought along various pieces of equipment and tools used in beekeeping and the production of honey, and skilfully demonstrated how they were used. She also spoke knowledgably about the bees themselves and their functions in the yearly cycle, both in and out of the hive.

Erica’s presentation to Probus was well received by those present and Walter Scott expressed their gratitude in his vote of thanks.

Secretary John Sim confirmed arrangements for the annual lunch on Sunday, April 15 at which the guest speaker will be Debbie Leslie.