Girlguiding Kintore celebrates World Thinking Day 2012

On Sunday, February 19, Girlguiding units in Kintore marked World Thinking Day with a celebration at Kintore Parish Church.

Rainbows, Brownies and Guides, along with their Leaders, gathered together for the celebration, which marks one of the most significant dates in the guiding calendar. World Thinking Day is an opportunity for the ten million Guides and Girl Scouts in 145 countries around the world to think about the diversity of the worldwide membership and show appreciation for each other’s lives. It is a day when they think about the their ‘sisters’ and ‘brothers’.

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) chose the theme of “we can save our planet”, based on UN Millennium Development Goal 7: environmental sustainability for the event.

At the event, the 100 girls and young women showcased the activities they had been engaged in within their meetings. Girls from 1st Kintore Rainbows spoke about making water butts to collect rainwater and planting radishes. Models from 1st Kintore Brownies showed off recycled fashion which they made from rubbish including newspapers, crisp packets and pillow cases. Finally, members of 1st Kintore Guides told the congregation about their research into malaria in Third World countries and advertised their quizzes which they are selling to raise funds to buy malaria nets.

Mikaela Shand, leader at 1st Kintore Guides, said, “World Thinking Day is a really important occasion for guiding. It is a chance for us to acknowledge that we are part of a huge movement that works to give millions of girls, young women and adults opportunities to try new things, gain new skills and most importantly make friends and have fun.”

World Thinking Day takes place on 22 February each year. The date was chosen as it is the birthday of both Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.

Girlguiding Kintore is part of Girlguiding UK, the largest organisation for girls and young women in the UK, with around 600,000 nationwide (2,000 in Gordon). Members of Girlguiding get the chance to take part in all kinds of fun and rewarding activities, make lasting friendships and learn positive values for life.