Go ahead for turbine

PLANNING permission for a 20.98m wind turbine at Roslyn Croft, Kintore was agreed at the recent meeting of the Garioch Area Committee held on Tuesday, (April 17) following a site visit by committee members.

The application had been deferred to allow the visit at the committee’s meeting last month.

The application by Mr G Meil of Rosyln Croft, Kintore, was brought before the committee as it had generated two letters of representation and also at the request of West Garioch Councillors Sheena Lonchay and Hazel Al-Kowarri.

Councillor Lonchay brought the application before the committee as the turbine is sited within the recommended 400m distance to the nearest house, and Councillor Al-Kowarri as it would benefit from a site visit and discussion.

The letters of representation expressed concerns over health and safety issues, noise pollution, impact on wildlife, and loss of amenity.

Councillor Al-Kowari said that the visit had confirmed her concerns that the turbine was too close to nearby housing. She also noted that there was no condition in the application tying the turbine to the property.

Area Planning Officer Darren Ross noted that the although turbines were recommended not to be sited within 400m of neighbouring houses, the turbine in question was smaller than usual and its noise output would recommend a distance of 140m.

East Garioch Councillor Martin Ford noted that the increase in turbine applications in the Garioch Area was a recent trend and as such the committee were still on a “learning curve”. He also said that policy guidelines were “too crude” and recommended that a more “refined set of guidelines” would help committee members.

Following discussion committee members recommended that the application be approved but with an added condition that the turbine be tied to the property.