Go ahead for visitor centre

PLANNING permission for the erection of a new Visitor Centre at the Harlaw Centre, Pitcaple was approved by members of the Garioch Area Committee at their recent meeting on Tuesday, (January 31).

The new Visitor Centre will feature a cafe, shop with kitchen, and toilet facilities, and will be used by the Pitcaple Environmental Project to provide voluntary and paid work for adults with learning disabilities and other special needs.

The application generated one letter of representation citing concerns over the appropriateness of the location of the Centre and parking provision.

The Council’s Planning and Environmental Services recommended the application be approved, as it meets policy encouraging “the provision of new public and private service, facilities or infrastructure which helps support and enhance a community”, that the layout and siting are appropriate and that the Visitor Centre would not result in any “loss of amenity or privacy to properties in the area.”