Grandparents Start book club for Port Elphinstone Pupils

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THE grandparents of two of Port Elphinstone’s Primary School pupils, Mr and Mrs Stokoe, have started a successful book group within the school which has attracted eight girls from Primary 6/7.

The group, which has been running for two months now, is proving to be very popular and successful as the children enjoy and look forward very much to their monthly meetings.

At the initial meeting, each of the girls, collectively known as ‘The Port Princesses’ chose a book which they had already read and felt was worthy of discussion, and worked out time slot for each book to be featured during the year.

Sharing and discussing the real message in the book, whether they enjoyed it and whether they would like to read more books by the same author have all proved beneficial to the girls.

P6/7 class teacher, Mrs Renton said: “The children enjoy and look forward to the meetings very much. It fits in very well with the Curriculum for Excellence, helping the girls to be successful learners and effective contributors as well as becoming confident individuals.

“Mr Stokoe is very enthusiastic and always sources enough copies of the books in time for the meetings and the library have also been very helpful.”