Happy anniversary as couples celebrate

The happy couples on their special anniversary weekend.
The happy couples on their special anniversary weekend.

Six couples from the Ellon area are celebrating 40 years of marriage.

Nothing unusual in that, except that they marked the anniversary together - maintaining a close link established back in the early 70s.

There was lots of reminiscing and laughter and the odd drink or two

Lesley Penny

Alex and Dennis Burnett, Moira and Iain Bissett, Audrey and Birnie Roberts, Linda and Billy Thomson, Lesley and Ian Penny and Joyce and Bert Willox headed for a special weekend in Inverness to celebrate their Ruby weddings.

The couples were all married in 1975 after meeting at local events.

Moira, Joyce and Alex all lived in Newburgh and were neighbours and friends. Moira, Lesley, Audrey and Birnie were classmates at Ellon Academy.

Ian, Billy and Dennis played football for Ellon United. Linda and Bert lived in Hatton. Linda worked in the Bank of Scotland in Ellon, Iain lived in Balmedie.

They all had one thing in common - they attended local dances either in the County Cinema or Victoria Hall, Ellon, after meeting in the Craighall Inn for a few drinks and dancing to the Craighall 4.

Love blossomed and they became couples,

All remained friends and met up at the weekends. Engagements followed and weddings were planned and in 1975 the couples were all married and each attended the others weddings.

Five couples have remained in Ellon while Joyce and Bert stay in Hatton.

Lesley told the Times: “We have all gone on to have family but have kept in touch but probably not as much as we would have liked.

“We have had a few get-togethers over the years but because this was a special year we decided to make an occasion of it, so we all caught the train to Inverness for a weekend away.

“There was lots of reminiscing and laughter and the odd drink or two.”

Moira added: “It was a super special weekend, we had so many laughs and really enjoyed catching up with everyone.”

As the anniversaries take place throughout the year, the couples hope to do it all again before the end of the year.