Immunise your child against flu

Case study for childhood flu
Case study for childhood flu

Is your child aged between two and five years old and not yet in school?

If so, you can now book an appointment with your GP practice for your child to be vaccinated against flu.

The flu immunisation programme is underway and over 150,000 Scottish children aged between two and five years old will be offered the vaccination this year.

Children are two to three times more likely to be ill with flu than adults, and the simple nasal spray vaccine, which is quick to administer and pain free, offers the best defence against flu.

It will also help to ensure children are protected and are less likely to spread the virus to others who could be vulnerable.

For the first time, all parents of pre-school children have been contacted and encouraged to make an appointment with their GP to get their child vaccinated.

Primary school children are being vaccinated at school.

The Scottish childhood flu immunisation programme, which involves the vaccine being offered to approximately 550,000 children aged 2-11 years, is expected to prevent an additional 200 deaths per year and 1100 hospitalisations from flu, when eventually rolled out to all children.

Dr Nicola Steedman, the Scottish Government’s Senior Medical Officer reinforced the importance of children getting immunised against flu.

“Each year in Scotland thousands of children are diagnosed with flu and a number of these children will be hospitalised,” she said.

“Even if your child was immunised against flu last year, it is important to get the vaccine again as the viruses can change over time.”

Find out more about the flu vaccine for children at or phone NHS Inform on 0800 22 44 88.