Herald helps Liz find her relatives

Liz May pictured with part of the large family of Ingrams.
Liz May pictured with part of the large family of Ingrams.

WHEN Sydney woman, Liz May flew home from her holiday of a lifetime in the North-East last year she could not quite manage to keep a slight feeling of disappointment at bay.

For despite her best efforts, and a letter published in the Inverurie Herald, she had been unable to make contact with any of her relatives whom she was certain must be living in the area.

But all that was about to change for Liz whose grandfather, John had emigrated to Australia over one hundred years ago.

For Liz is related to the large family of Ingrams, many of whom still live in and around Inverurie and district, and a sharp-eyed family friend, Meg Burnett had spotted the letter and contacted a cousin of Liz, Mary Watson from Belhelvie. An email from Mary was soon winging its way to Liz in Sydney, Australia.

The end result was that Liz, whose grandfather John was a brother of the late Gordon Ingram formerly of Mellons Croft and St Colms, Daviot, with good friend Gennie Grainger flew back for a whirlwind break last week.

The highlight of her latest trip was a large family gathering at Mary’s home which was attended by fifteen of Gordon’s eighteen surviving grandchildren along with their spouses, his two remaining daughters-in-law, Ina, and Jessie and the eagle-eyed Meg Burnett!

Before flying back to her home in Sydney, Liz told the Herald, ‘The events of the last week, really has been the experience of a lifetime for me. For the best part of seventy years I have wondered about my family on the other side of the world and now that I have met them it is beyond my wildest dreams to 
discover that they are such 
a friendly, convivial and 
down to earth lot with whom I felt instantly at ease. I will 
be forever grateful to the 
Herald, to Meg and Mary who has made the whole thing possible.”