IDDA darts results

THE latest results from the Inverurie and District Darts League, sponsored by the Black Bull Inn, are as follows:

Friday, 5th November 2010, 11:23 am

Banks of Ury 16 v Black Bull 8; Loco’s B 13 v Black Bull Inn 10; BBC 15 v Carriages 5; Commercial B 16 v Legion 6; Lairds Throat 9 v Leys 13.

180’s were scored by Grant McDonald, Sandy Stephens (BBC) and Peter Greig (Banks).

Sandy Stephens (BBC) had a 113 check out, Colin Laing (Banks) finished a 15 dart leg with a 102 check out and Peter Greig (Banks) checked out 108.

Please note: The first half finals day has been advertised as Sunday, December 18. This was meant to read Saturday, December 18. If there are any queries from Captains please contact the Secretary.