Inverurie brought to to a standstill by crash

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A ROAD traffic accident brought Inverurie to a standstill last Thursday afternoon.

The accident involved an Aberdeenshire Council highway maintenance truck, a 15-seater school mini-bus and a black Vauxhall Corsa.

While damage to the maintenance truck was limited to the rear bumper, the mini-bus was thought to be a write-off with extensive damage to the front of the vehicle and the Corsa appeared to have sustained a burst radiator.

Police directed traffic while officers conducted formalities with the drivers of the vehicles and the visibly shaken driver of the Corsa was checked over by the ambulance crew, which had been called to the scene.

No-one was hurt, but Laura Faskin, a nurse, was visibly shaken. Descending from the ambulance she commented: “I’m not hurt – I’m fine now. To be honest, I’m just in shock.”

The driver of the maintenance vehicle, Roland Gordon (60) was on his way to a job in Kemnay.

Speaking about the accident he said: “The lady in front of me was driving a black Audi. She indicated late then seemed to stop abruptly and I just slammed on the brakes.

“She probably saw me still sitting there but I don’t think she would have seen the people behind.”

Nicola Scott was walking her dog at the time of the accident. She said: “I was just on my way home. It was all really quick. A black Audi braked suddenly before turning into Jackson Street towards the Academy and caused the collision between the maintenance vehicle, the school bus and the Corsa.

Brian Jamieson (44) was driving the school bus. He said: “I was on my way to Kemnay to pick children up from school. I’d just come down the road and there was no warning whatsoever.

“My vehicle is a write-off, I think, but there’s nobody hurt, that’s the good thing.”