Inverurie Eye

Did your Granny have a collection of wise sayings? Mine was certainly full of them writes Susann Brown - not so much ‘old wives’ tales’ but genuine pearls of wisdom. My Granny, on my mother’s side was German, but I imagine her words, similar to all grannies around the world echo similar sentiments. A favourite and frequently used phrase was ‘everything happens for the best’ - so was ‘what comes around goes around’ and she didn’t just stick to German either, quite frequently she would come out with ‘comme ci, comme ca’.

I was reminded of this the other day when I was having a natter with my neighbours - farmers who, I thought, had experienced a really bad year at the hands of the weather. We’ve heard plenty of reports on the effect the bad weather has had on our harvests, but they were surprisingly upbeat about the market value of their cereal crop. While expressing sympathy about the farmers’ lot - another year of reduced income, I learned that cereal prices are relatively high in Scotland because of global factors. There are countries worse off than us - apparently it’s been too wet in Russia and too dry in America so, surprisingly, there’s a healthy world-wide demand for our grain, even though the quality this year is relatively poor. As a result of this phenomenon, there’s only one way for wholesale prices to go, and that’s up. Well, would you believe that, Granny was right - everything happens for the best!

This is great for farmers, but there has to be a downside and this affects us, the shoppers. You and I will find ourselves paying more for our staples - bread, cakes, and lots of other grain-based products over the next few months when the price increases filter down into the shops. What goes around, comes around I hear my Granny say.

Fuel prices are up again and they seem to creep up daily at the pumps. Only last week I noticed that a litre of diesel was 130-something pence a litre, but now we’re looking for ‘cheap’ prices at over 140. Those runaway prices have forced us to watch how much we travel, but, believe it or not, there’s an upside to that! The car’s 10,000-mile service will come round less frequently. It means that although we’re not exactly saving money, we’re spending more less often. And lives are being saved because there’s less traffic, and less traffic means fewer accidents. Everything happens ……….

Since the beginning when time began, we haven’t actually lost one single millilitre of water? The water we have is the water we’ve always had; just recycled time and time again. Rain, lakes, rivers, mist, snow; the same old quantity to the drop.

There’s no two ways about it, grannies are always right. What goes around comes around - it’s always for the best but overall, it’s a level pegging so-so. Comme ca!