Inverurie wins Scots top design award

Inverurie town centre
Inverurie town centre

A vision to overhaul the centre of Inverurie has won Scotland’s best “future town” design.

It topped the Future Towns Scotland competition which sought to revitalise high streets across the country.

The design aims to strip out much of the congestion from the town centre and create an open, accessible public space right in its heart - much like it was 100 years ago.

Eleanor Alexander, of William Lippe Architects in Inverurie, said: “We have a really thriving town centre in Inverurie and there are very few empty shops. We just don’t want to rest on our laurels and for the town to continue to thrive.

“For a long time, the road network has been where all the problems stem from.

“We want to make sure it is safe for cars to move around, for people to move around and to try and get the town centre back to where it was. It worked before.

“We are trying to get the infrastructure right to open the town centre right up again.”

The design restores and improves the connection between Inverurie Town Hall and the memorial garden by recreating its original town square between the two.

It fits in with established plans to create a new transport system for the town.

The Inverurie design was selected over eight other entries to the competition, organised by Architecture and Design Scotland and Scotland’s Towns Partnership.