Inveurie Boys Brigade appeal for volunteers

At their recent Open Night and Prize Giving Ceremony The 1st Inverurie Boys Brigade incorporated an appeal in their programme for new officers and volunteers to help run their branch.

The programme read: “As some of you may recall, we made an appeal last open night for new officers or volunteers to come forward to help run the BB in Inverurie. This year we are now at a critical stage on Monday nights.

We have managed to run Mondays this year with two officers and the help of Deborah, Denise and Company Section seniors, but Deborah is now stepping down as a volunteer and due to other commitments, Denise may not be able to help after the summer.

While Kirstie hopes to continue running the Anchor Section after the holidays, this is very dependant upon whether or not she gets a job in this area after graduating from university.

It is now a very real possibility that a company which has run for almost 30 years in Inverurie may cease to exist. We really do not want this to happen. If you, or anybody you know would want to help out in a full-time or rota basis please contact BB Captain Kirstie Ross on 07906 338446 or email her at

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