It’s my Opinion

WHY is the health of us men such a low priority here in Scotland?

Or so it would appear in a country where our women folk are so much more organised and aware of their bodies.

Men, in stark contrast, are a million miles from taking the issue of preventative healthcare onboard, mainly - I would suggest - because of our macho attitude, handed down over the years by men afraid to admit they might have a health problem.

Granted, women go through more than men could ever possibly dream of in respect of pain and discomfort - particularly as the bearers of our children. The mere thought of having to experience the agonising joy of childbirth sends a veritable shudder down the spines of most of us males.

All of which suggests women are once again not only the stronger sex, but more realistic about how they tackle health issues.

The fair sex have in place checks which ensure they look after their bodies, including breast screening which has proved literally to be a life saver for some.

Men, on the other hand, have little or no fall back, mainly - I would have to say - because they either don’t wish it or are too afraid to face up to the possible results.

And yet it need not be so. I’m sure our local doctors would be happy to see male patients come in for a check up on a regular basis. It would surely be better for men to receive a periodical health MOT, than go to the doctor onlt when it’s too late.

That said, it’s rarely too late to care.

Women are, as already indicated, better organised and prepared to go the extra mile to ensure better health.

Well Woman Clinics are all the rage, whereas one has to ask - where are the similar safeguards for us men?

So lads, what about it? Are we prepared to make even just a little fuss to enter into an era of preventive medicine?

Some how I doubt it.

In fairness I regularly send off my bowel screening test. However, I admit having to be nagged into getting round to putting in the post.

“Have you sent that kit off yet?” is a cry heard every year in recent times from the lady of the house, proving my point that our women are much more on the ball with regards to help than us wimpish males, who remain eternally feart of the day we will never see.

It was ever thus - but not that it has to be so in the future for our offspring and their young.

The case for preventive medicine is a powerful and compelling one, so let’s take it seriously if we are to entertain any thought of making to the big 100th birthday.

On second thoughts do I really want to make it to such an age? Only if I am enjoying good health!

Encouragingly, we seem to have a breed of younger males who are much more prepared to face up to better health, which I welcome as one who has not really taken care of my body.

However, I promise you I am at least thinking about it, for why else would I be sharing these thoughts with you?