Kemnay man at UN talks

A Kemnay man has returned from taking part in the historic negotiations to prohibit nuclear weapons at the United Nations in New York.

Friday, 7th July 2017, 3:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:53 am
The Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (S CND) team at the UN conference

Andy Hinton atttended the talks last month as part of the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (S CND) team.

140 countries are working together to produce a treaty that will make nuclear weapons illegal under international law.

The main reasons for the ban are the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any nuclear explosion which could be due to an act of war, an industrial accident or terrorist activity.

The treaty was signed at the United Nations on Friday, July 7.

When 50 countries have ratified the treaty it will become international law.

Andy said: “The majority of Scottish people are against nuclear weapons but the Westminster government insists on keeping them as some sort of national virility symbol.

“The creation of this law will be a major step towards elimination of nuclear weapons which is the only safe option.

“Previous UN laws against other weapons of mass destruction, Biological and Chemical, created a norm against possession of these weapons which are now almost completely eliminated.

“A world with no nuclear weapons is the only safe world.”

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