Kinellar put on amazing show

ON the June 15, my classmates and I put on a performance called My School Musical.

We had singers, musicians, gymnasts, dancers and a fearless group of boys who came up with a sketch including ghosts and skeletons that scared the younger members of the audience.

At the beginning of the sketch James Gibb dressed up as our head teacher, Mrs. McIntosh, wearing high heels, a red wig and a dress, walking around the stage wailing. Luckily our head teacher did not take this as an insult but instead found it very amusing!

At the beginning of the show a group of divas were on a mission to get into “Boot Camp.”

Though instead of getting into “Boot Camp” first time they were declined by D J Bling and Damon Scowl, but warm-hearted judge Tracy Dynamite, played by myself, wanted them to go through.

So later on in the show Tracy argued with the other two judges and got the divas another shot and proved everyone wrong by singing a beautiful song called Forever Friends which brought the audience to tears.

At the end of the show the judges took everyone to “Boot Camp.” Our teachers Mrs. Milne and Mrs. Fraser said, “We are very proud of our class. They worked extremely hard to put on a fantastic performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who saw it.”

by Max Allan P7