Kintore housing plan defered

PLANS for a new housing development in Kintore will have to be brought before the Garioch Area Committee in more detail, after councillors voted to defer the application for planning permission in principle.

The plans for the residential development at Broomhill, Midmill, Kintore were submitted by Tor Ecosse Ltd, Inverurie, are part of a wider package of proposed housing to enable the new Kintore Town Park.

The application was subject to two letters of representation which raised concerns over road safety, the incompatibility with neighbouring industrial land, the loss of agricultural land, and flood risk.

Area Planning Officer Darren Ross outlined the application, noting that the Council’s Education Service, although favouring no new development due to the capacity problems at Kintore Primary, until a new primary school had been built, were happy to manage the situation with the developer to ensure phased building.

Another issue arising was over traffic management particularly the possible future re-alignment of the B994 in Kintore which borders the site, and the possible need to modify the Broomhill Roundabout.

He also noted that SEPA had requested that there should be no development on the area of the site that fell within the recognised flood plain.

East Garioch Councillor Martin Ford expressed concerns that the application was for a “residential development” only with no indication of the number of houses. Councillor Ford felt this was crucial point especially regarding the situation over education provision. He was informed that the original application in 2004 was for 12 houses, and that appeared to be the likely maximum number for the size of the site.

Inverurie and District Councillor Martin Kitts-Hayes asked if the application would come back before the committee after more detail had been added. He was informed that the committee could request that the application be brought before them at a later date.

Councillor Ford noted that the committee could only request the application be brought back to committee but that there was no requirement to ensure that it would. He moved that the committee defer the application until all the detail was complete. The committee voted 6 to 5 in favour of defering the application.

An application by J R Craig, Scotia Homes Ltd, for planning in permission in principle for a residential development at Woodside Croft in Midmill, Kintore, which also acts as an enabling development for the Town Park was granted last month, following a vote by committee members. At that time East Garioch Councillors Ford and Fergus Hood had sought restrictions on the phasing of housing to ensure that new houses were not complete prior to the construction of the new Kintore Primary School which is sheduled for August 2016.