Kintore plans put on hold

AN application for planning permission in principle for a new residential development at Woodside Croft, Midmill, Kintore by J R Craig, Scotia Homes Ltd was withdrawn prior to Tuesday’s meeting of the Garioch Area Committee.

Outline planning permission had been granted for the application in April 2007, and since then a legal agreement had been progressed to the draft stage that included ten per cent of the housing would be affordable, there would be a financial contribution to primary and secondary schooling in the area, and a contribution towards a sports pavilion and the provision of parkland for Kintore.

The residential development, comprising an estimated 150 houses would act as an “enabling development” for a proposed town park, with associated facilities.

Around three hectares of public space would be provided by the proposal

However, in the years since the application was originally submitted, the school roll at Kintore Primary has grown to such an extent that the school is currently over-capacity.

The Education, Learning and Leisure Service confirmed that, if the application was to go-ahead, there would be insufficient space to provide primary and pre-school provision in Kintore.

Due to the situation regarding education provision, the Planning Service had recommended the application be refused, noting: “It is the view of the Planning Service that education provision is a key and material issue.

“Clearly to support a major residential development in the knowledge that there is insufficient education capacity should not be done lightly.”

Some 13 letters of representation had been generated by the proposals, which expressed concerns over privacy, drainage, inadequate school and leisure provision and transportation issues.

Area Planning Officer Darren Ross informed committee members that the application had been withdrawn from the agenda prior to the meeting at the agreement of both Aberdeenshire Council’s Planning and Environmental Services and the applicant to allow for further discussions.