Latest news from around the North-east rurals

At the March meeting of of Barthol Chapel SWRI, president Jennifer Leys welcomed members and the minutes were read by Anna Jamieson.

As the guest speaker had to cancel due to ill health, it was up to members to provide their own entertainment for the evening.

There were selections on the fiddle and accordion, poems and bingo. A fun evening was had by all.

The competitions results were as follows:

Battenburg Cake: 1 Mrs Anna Jamieso, 2 Mrs Doreen Brown, 3 Mrs Sheila Ewen

Favourite Piece of Jewellery: 1 Mrs Sheila Ewen, 2Mrs Elsie Robb, 3 Mrs Alice Sinclair

A lovely cup of tea was served by Winnie Moir and her hostesses.

The raffle was drawn and the vote of thanks conveyed by Jennifer Leys.

Kintore SWRI held its AGM at the April meeting which was conducted by members of Rothienorman SWRI.

While the votes were being counted the ladies entertained members with a quiz, recipes and a tasting of tray-bakes and sweets.

There was also a raffle with a twist.

The outcome of the voting was as follows:

President - A. Marston; vice-president - C. Redford; secretary - M. Sim; treasurer - G. Duguid

Other committee members are:

Mrs M. Forman, Mrs E .Greenlaw, Mrs C. MacGregor, Mrs L. McIntosh, Mrs P. Morrison, Mrs W. Smith

Competition results:

Flower of the Month - 1 Lorraine Reid, 2 Phyllis Morrison, 3 Wilma Smith

Guess the total age of the committee - 1 Charlotte Redford, 2 Liz Leil, 3 Gladys Duguid.

Three Month Syllabus - 1 Wilma Smith, 2 Liz Leil, 3 Frances Simond.

After tea, raffles and the vote of thanks by Margaret Sim, the meeting closed.

At the next meeting on Tuesday, May 5, members will look forward to a musical evening with Couthie Company.