Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Now we can see exactly what would lie ahead for an independent Scotland.

The huge amounts wiped off the share value of Scottish companies is very real and it is happening now.

How does that affect us?

It takes money out of the Scottish economy and therefore our pension funds and reduces businesses’ ability to employ us. Blair Jenkins of the Yes campaign describes this as “a slight reduction” to play it down but we are not stupid.

If you are even tempted to vote yes on the 18th , just stop and ask yourself “Could I pay my mortgage with higher interest rates while taking home less wages due to paying higher income tax ?”

Your house by then would be worth less to add to your worries.

The Yes campaign frequently ask the No campaign leaders what plans they have to create more jobs in Scotland.

The question should instead be asked of themselves, how do you plan to prevent job losses in a new uncertain economy?

We have seen unemployment drop in recent months, the pound strengthen against the dollar and the Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition government have raised the tax threshold so we pay less income tax.

We are part of a UK economy which is progressing steadily out of recession ahead of our European partners.

Why would we want to walk away from this?

Marion Ewenson,

Rothienorman, Inverurie.