Letter to the editor

Dear Sir,

Jack Nixon is correct to say that a yes vote in the proposed referendum for a self governing Scotland, would result in the creation of a “Socialist State” in our country, but why on earth would he think that a good idea?.

The utopian ideal of socialism has been tried, over the years, in many countries, always, invariably, with the same result – disillusionment, followed by disappointment and then disruption as reality kicks in and the responsible taxpaying section of the population realises that with socialism it’s never a levelling up exercise, but always a race to the bottom, as the system attempts to redistribute finite resources within an infinite, ever growing, client state.

There are always plenty of feckless individuals, contributing nothing to the cause, who will ensure the eventual demise of socialism wherever it is tried.

We should be thankful that as long as we’re part of the UK, our English neighbours will keep the country on the straight and narrow, it’s true that now and then they’ll flirt with people like, for instance, millionaire, Tony Blair, but no one believes he’s a proper socialist anyway.

The threat of becoming a “Socialist State” is probably the most compelling reason to vote no in the forthcoming referendum.

Alex J Gray

Dunvegan Place