Level crossing awareness day after Insch barrier strike

Level Crossing Mobile Camera Vehicle
Level Crossing Mobile Camera Vehicle

British Transport Police and Network Rail will be holding an awareness day at Insch level crossing tomorrow after a worrying rise in misuse incidents.

The BTP’s Scottish-based Mobile Safety Van, which is fitted with CCTV cameras, will be deployed at the crossing to monitor traffic on Friday morning while Network Rail’s level crossing manager will also be on-hand to offer safety advice and leaflets to crossing users.

Insch level crossing has seen an increase in incidents of misuse over the last year and on Friday, November 24, significant disruption was caused to both road and rail users after a lorry struck the crossing and damaged the barriers.

Mike Burnett, level crossing manager for Network Rail, said: “Britain has a good rail safety record in comparison to many other countries but people misusing level crossings is still a sight we see all too often.

“We’ve had a number of level crossing incidents over the past year at Insch and failing to adhere to the safety procedures could have potentially tragic consequences for those involved.”

Inspector Bryan O’Neil, from British Transport Police, said: “Time and time again we hear shocking accounts of people risking their lives at a level crossing. From cars dashing through as the barriers descend, or impatient pedestrians jumping the barriers – this behaviour is hugely irresponsible.

“We are continuing to do all we can to ensure people know the dangers when level crossings are used incorrectly. Each year, our officers attend tragic incidents where someone is killed or seriously injured at a level crossing because someone misused it.

“Level crossings are there for a reason, they are designed to keep people safe. And, when used correctly, that is exactly what they do. That is exactly why we will not hesitate to take tough action against anyone caught not doing so.”