Local mum set to take on half marathon

Gail Irvine
Gail Irvine

A local mum-of-two is preparing to take on the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run half marathon later this year.

Gail Irvine of Meikle Wartle struggled to complete the family mile with her three-year-old son Robert last year and decided that she had to take drastic action.

A decade earlier, she had been a regular competitior in races all across the country including the Great North Run and the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run.

After toiling to compete the 2010 London Marathon, Gail decided to take eight weeks off to recover before taking on her next challenge.

However due to various circumstances, the planned eight weeks turned into eight years.

Despite previous setbacks, Gail is back with new vigour and enthusiasm and will take on the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run half marathon on Sunday, August 26.

Gail said: “After the 2010 London race I was a bit fed up and needed a break. Then I met my future husband, Bobby, and all thoughts of running took a backseat. We both had motorbikes and went touring around Europe. I also had a horse to look after which took up a lot of time and energy. Then we had two children and life became busy so there just wasn’t a place for running.

“I got my enthusiasm back last summer when the first Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run was held.

“I am keen for my children to be active and to enjoy outdoor activities so I wanted Robert to do the family mile.

“He loves running and, of course, I signed up to do it with him. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to complete just one mile when I used to be able to do marathons. I just couldn’t keep up with him.

“I also realised I had put on a bit too much weight so I wanted to get back into running, but I’d had hip problems with my second pregnancy and that was still bothering me.

“Eventually, on Valentine’s Day, I decided to make a commitment so I set myself the goal of doing the Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run half marathon.”

Gail added: “I am really looking forward to doing the half marathon.

“When I turned up for last year’s Simplyhealth Great Aberdeen Run I realised what a big event it is.

“I always preferred taking part in these mass participation events in the past because there are so many people there and the atmosphere is fantastic.

“It should be really good and I am very excited about it.”