Local product chosen for new cookery series

Judy Whyte and son Dougal with the oatcakes featured in the new BBC cookery series.
Judy Whyte and son Dougal with the oatcakes featured in the new BBC cookery series.

LOCALLY produced Mitchell’s oatcakes are set to feature in celebrity chef Paul Hollywood’s brand new BBC television programme.

The BBC contacted Mitchell’s after a member of staff had tried their locally made oatcakes and thought they were “amazing”. The oatcakes became a main ingredient in an unusual twist on a classic Scottish dessert, a Cranachan Cheesecake.

The dessert features in celebrity chef Paul Hollywood’s new book, out this month, and accompanying BBC television programme, “Pies and Puds”, which is scheduled to be aired in November.

The series involves Paul searching out traditional local recipes from across the UK finding out the heritage behind them. The people behind the products and recipes then join Paul on the programme to watch him make the recipe, and taste the results.

The BBC sent a crew to film the oatcakes being produced, which will be used in the programme, and Mitchell’s Judy Whyte travelled to London to take part in filming for the brand new series.

Judy told the Herald, “I travelled to London to film the recipe being made, and was amazed at how informal it all was. It was a very enjoyable day and an great experience. I was amazed at how much work goes on behind the scenes to get the programme made. There was a special food preparation area with loads of people working on the recipes that featured on the programme. I’ll never watch a cookery programme in the same way again!

“It’s not only great for Mitchell’s but great for regional food in our area. Opportunities like this can really put our area on the map, especially as products such as our oatcakes are made from ingredients that are all sourced locally.”