Loco Works 
plans rejected

The new Garioch Heritage Centre at the old Loco Works site
The new Garioch Heritage Centre at the old Loco Works site

Plans to change office space within the new Heritage Centre at the Old Loco Works site into overnight sleeping accommodation were rejected by the Garioch Area Committee on Tuesday (June 23).

As was previously reported in the Herald in February this year, the original plans for 37 beds within the heritage centre were rejected by councillors over concerns regarding loss of residential amenity for nearby housing and the cumulative 
impact on the area.

At the same meeting members approved one application at the former Loco Works canteen building for a 20-bed hostel complete with showers and 
kitchen area

Councillors had previously visited the site prior to their meeting in February.

The new application, submitted by the Garioch Heritage Society, had generated 16 letters of representation all of which opposed the 

Revised plans, which saw the number of beds reduced to 20, the submission of comprehensive management arrangements and the inclusion of obscured glazing, resulted in the application be recommended for approval by the council’s Planning and Environmental Services.

However, despite expressing sympathy with the Garioch Heritage Society over loss of revenue, councillors voted by six to four to reject the application.

They noted the concerns of residents who had already purchased housing on the site, and that the development was a “hostel” that was not suited to the amenity of the town centre location.