Memories from World War 11

Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

Sunday, 22nd March 2015, 8:00 am

Jist the ither wik here A wis spikkin til some o e fowkies fa bide at Kynnaird Hoose in e Broch – whit a gran efterneen A hid wi them aa, richt freenly loons n quines they waur. Noo fin A feenished daein my wee presentation n jist as A wis packin awa mi picters n mi projector A wis chattin awa til e ladies n gentlemen near han mi, n A speirt at them if ony o them hid bade here in e Broch durin e Second Warld War? Michty whit a gran response A got frae them! There wis three ar fower o them fa wis there n minded aboot some o e bombin aat e Broch hid tae endure. Then anither lady said aat she wis in e Land Army on some o e fairms roon aboot, n yet anither lady said verra proodly aat she served wi e NAAFI at RAF Inverallochy/ RAF Fraserburgh. Michty A fair wish aat A hid taen mi tape recorder wi mi n recorded the wirds n e memories o these wonderful fowk!

Noo as far as A ken es RAF Station wis biggit in 1940 n wis in eese frae 1941 til 1945. Amon e first airplanes ti eese it waur e Swordfish Biplanes n Oxford trainers, then ere wis Sea Hurricanes, Spitfires n Mosquitos. Asweel, there wis Vickers Warwicks, they waur eesed for Air Sea Rescue, the Warwick wis sipposed ti be e successor til e Wellington bomber bit it niver did dae asweel as its faamous forebear.

Bit it maun hae bin a thochtie confusin for a lot o the lads n lassies fa served there durin e War becis asweel as bein kent as RAF Fraserburgh it wis kent as RAF Inverallochy, RAF Cairnbulg n RAF Tershinty!?

Aat hinmaist name, Tershinty, fair made mi scrat mi heid. Fin A first heard it meentioned A jist thocht ti m’sel ach there’ll be a fairm ar a craftie wi aat name somewey nearby, bit fin a lookit at the O/S map there’s nae meention o sic a place? Hooiver diggin oot an aal O/S map o 1870 the mystery wis solved, there wis a placie caaed Tershinity n nae far frae it wis Tershinity Well !

Ah weel an, A can stop scrattin mi heid noo! Or can A? Aal names n placenames hiv aye bin a great fascination ti mi n so A’ve bin tryin ti fun oot fit es wird ‘Tershinity’ means? A’m sorry ti say A’ve hid nae luck sae far – aa e books aat A hiv aboot placenames – naethin; aa e web sites on e computer – naethin. So if there’s ony o mi Readers oot there fa micht hae an inklin o its meanin A wid richt like ti hear frae ye?

As A wis searchin mi O/S map A fun in wi anither richt interaistin n intriguin soondin wirdie ‘Lootingstone’, a fairm nae afa far frae Rathen. Weel accordin til mi “Celtic Place-names in Aberdeenshire” the meanin o es wirdie is, and I quote, “ Lootingstone, Loutin Stane. Resting stone. Lout, to sit down, bend body. Stone at a roadside where funeral parties rested when carrying a coffin. Pack merchants also found them useful.” Its richt amazin fit ye fun oot fan ye get side-trackit! A winner if there is still a stane ti be fun somewey roon aboot there e day? – A’ll hae ti tak a wee daunder roon by ti hae a look!