‘Moonwalking’ their way to over £1200


THREE local Inverurie women last week walked their way around Edinburgh during the night in their underwear, raising over £1,200 for Breast Cancer charity, Walk the Walk.

Katy Bowman, Charlotte Bullock and Mhairi Stewart participated in the famous and unique ‘Moonwalk Challenge’, wearing brightly decorated bras and tutus as they embarked on the lengthy hike around Edinburgh’s streets at Midnight.

They joined around 10,000 other participants from all over the World to help raise valuable funds for this worthy charity, which donates money to various schemes across the country. Participants – men and women – are required to wear decorated bras to highlight and walk a full or half marathon around Edinburgh from 1130pm to the early hours of the morning.

Nearly all of the money raised in Scotland stays in Scotland and goes towards a number of projects that work towards curing breast cancer but also supports those suffering from it.

Commenting on completing their challenge, the Bustyteers said, “We battled through wind, rain and revellers leaving Edinburgh’s pubs, but we’re so happy to have completed our walk!

“It was a lot more challenging than we had anticipated but luckily our determination to raise the money for breast cancer causes got us there in the end.

“It was great to see so many people out in support for the walkers, cheering us on, especially in the weather and at that late/ early hour! However the highlight (apart from finishing!) was the young boys out to cheer on their mum, who also served cups of tea as we passed them by!

“As it was such a last minute decision to enter the Moonwalk, our fundraising target was set at £750, however we are pleased to announce our funds currently stand at over £1,200.

“We cannot thank friends, families and colleagues enough for their generosity. So many people are affected by this awful disease and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to help fight it.

“There were tears as well as laughter but as soon as our blisters have disappeared, we’ll be signing up for next year’s event!”. For more information visit www.walkthewalk.org