MSP calls for 'sexist' signage to be removed

Calls have been made for signage at a Marriott hotel to be removed after the hospitality chain was accused of '˜everyday sexism'.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 11:37 am
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 11:42 am
The sign at Aberdeen Airport Marriott hotel

Aberdeenshire East MSP Gillian Martin was alerted by a constituent whose friend had been too uncomfortable to bring it up with staff.

The sign, at the hotel giant’s premises in Aberdeen Airport showed a drawing of a man with the caption ‘No Shirt – No Service’ and below a drawing of a woman with the caption ‘No Shirt – Free Beer.’

Ms Martin has now written to the Marriott Hotel chain calling for the signage to be removed.

Gillian Martin said: “This sign is offensive and appalling to see. I am really disappointed that it is one of the first things some visitors to Aberdeen may see on their journey to the city.

“In the past six months we have seen huge strides in the #MeToo movement and women becoming abler to talk about sexual discrimination in all its forms.

“But images like this show just how long we still have to go. I am shocked that staff would think it is an appropriate way to communicate with customers. A misguided attempt to be funny has misfired.

“I am pleased it has been brought to my attention and I would encourage members of the public not too be afraid to confront this kind of everyday sexism.”