Name change for learning organisation

Grampian Learning Difficulties Association has changed its name to Grampian Learning Association (GLA), to reflect the wider audience it now serves.

The organisation will continue to organise events throughout the school year and while still benefitting those involved with children who have learning difficulties, the GLA now aims to support all individuals working in and around education who are committed to meeting the needs of every child in the classroom.

With a long-standing reputation for high quality speakers, the GLA takes pride in its ability to provide valuable training opportunities at low cost.

The membership fee of £15 includes three half-day sessions, and members are also entitled to discounts for the one-day workshops. The GLA is holding five events for 2012/13. The first will be held on Saturday, September 29 at Aberdeen Grammar School, 10am to 1pm. Registration is from 9.30am. For more information and details of events, visit