New addition to Doric website

The creator of a local website which allows users to look up and share doric phrases has came up with another new invention - which he thinks could be the first in Scotland.

Chris Buswell came up with the idea for the website after his English wife had trouble understanding some of his phrases, but he has now added a new function.

Chris told the Times: “I’ve created a Doric Translator tool at which automatically searches the A-Z database and quickly converts English words and sentences into Scottish and Doric.

“Beneath the translation are buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ so that you can send a Doric message to friends and family.

“The twitter option allows it to be automatically added to your account messages in one more easy click.

“I think this function is also a first for our region and maybe even Scotland.”

A phrases of the day welcomes users to the homepage of which also includes an A-Z of words so that words can easily be found and translated.

There is also a ‘submit’ section that allows visitors to upload any words or phrases that they know that are not listed on the website.