New housing in Kintore agreed in ‘principle’

PLANNING Permission in Principle for a residential development at Broomhill, Midmill, Kintore was agreed by members of the Garioch Area Committee on Tuesday.

But a second pair of applications for a combined 17 houses over two sites at Gauchhill Road was deferred to ensure that building would be scheduled to coincide with the proposed new Kintore Primary School.

The preferred position by Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure service is that no new housing is approved in Kintore until a new primary school is built, but it would consider using alternatives, such as re-zoning school catchment areas if needed.

The application at Broomhill had previously been deferred by the committee to allow the applicant, Tor Ecosse Ltd, to submit an indicative layout of the proposed housing.

The application, which is part of the package to enable the development of Kintore Town Park, had generated two letters of representation from the public in 2004.

Tor Ecosse managing director, Eddie Innes, addressed the committee and said that the firm had taken on-board all the points made at the previous meeting.

He said the the proposed layout would change if the Council decided to re-align the B994 to the north of the site, and as there was yet no definitive answer from the council on transportation matters the layout onsite could change.

He also said that he was very sympathetic with regards to the school situation and was happy to phase the housing to coincide with the proposed new primary school.

Mr Innes asked that the committee agree to planning permission in principle to allow the firm to put the development into their future work schedule.

The committee agreed unanimously to grante planning permission in principle for the development.

The applications for six and 11 houses at Gauchhill Road by AJC Homes, Aboyne, had generated ten letters of representation raising concerns over the loss of trees, overshadowing, the educational constraints in Kintore, increased traffic, and over development of the settlement.

East Garioch councillor Fergus Hood highlighted the constraints on education facilities in Kintore but added that in terms of policy he could see no reason to refuse the combined applications.

Fellow East Garioch councillor Nan Cullinane suggested that the planning service could insist that that the applicant schedule the housing to come on stream the same time as the proposed new school.

Councillor Martin Ford noted that the site had been split in two and that the affordable housing was all located on one of the sites.

He asked that the planning service defer the application to seek a written assurance that the affordable housing would be provided and that the construction would be phased so that housing was not completed until the new school was built.

Councillor Ron McKail said that although he supported the phasing of construction, Kintore Primary was already well over capacity and proposed a motion to refuse the application.

Following a vote, the committee agreed to defer the Gauchhill Road proposals to add additional conditions to phase the construction of the housing and to ensure protection of affordable housing.