New option may help save Collieston Pier

Collieston Pier
Collieston Pier

Restoration to Collieston Pier could be one step closer after a local group have revealed another option should their original plan fall through.

A group of students from Delft University in the Netherlands proposed to carry out a project on the storm-damaged pier after they visited last year.

However the Pier Group are awaiting confirmation that it will still go ahead.

Collieston Pier group chairman David Stewart said: “We are still trying to find out if Delft are going to carry out the student project, but we are still waiting for any confirmation.

“We just have to wait and keep our fingers crossed.”

David said that the group have another plan up their sleeves should the Delft University project not go ahead.

The group are researching to see if someone can be brought in to use ground penetrating radar to carry out a survey of the voids which exist in parts of the structure.

He said: “One of our group knows someone who has access to this equipment and we are hoping to get together with him in the next couple of months.

“If we could get detailed information on the voids, it might then be possible to find out if a company could drill into those voids and inject specialist materials to stiffen up the whole structure.

“We have no idea at this stage of whether it is feasible, or what it might cost, but at least it might be another option.”

Fundraising to carry out repairs to Collieston Pier has reached over £30,000.

David added: “We had money from merchandise at the gala, and we also have a 2015 calendar.

“The total in the bank so far is well over £30,000 - but we know we will need more.”