Newburgh find out more about local butcher

At Newburgh WRI President Mrs Robertson opened the meeting and the group began with the Rural Song followed by business.

Mrs Robertson then introduced speaker the local butcher Mr Karl Watson and his young assistant Lewis.

Mr Watson had outline diagrams of animals with the cuts of meat printed on them so members could see what part of the animal the cut came from. He then explained that with the ease of watching cookery programmes from around the world and obtaining recipes from the Internet, customers are requesting unusual cuts of meat. This is because other countries have different names for types of steak etc, so he has to resort to his tablet to find out what we would normally call that particular cut. He explained how he came in to butchery and forged his career and lifestyle as a result. He then demonstrated making sausages from scratch – adding herbs and spices to some minced pork, mixing it by hand, before putting it into a sausage machine and then into the casing. He then rendered everyone speechless by twisting the sausage into links at speed, without watching what he was doing, and continuing to talk.

Mr Watson is keen to promote local meat and prefers to source from Aberdeenshire where he can – he also uses as much of the animal as possible – using offcuts to make burgers and sausages. The group had a very interesting evening. The vote of thanks was given by Mrs Miller.

Competition winners: Savoury Quiche: Mrs Elrick, Mrs Shackleton, Mrs Singer; Favourite Piggy Bank/Money Box: Mrs Jorro, Mrs Donoghue, Mrs Thomas.

The next meeting runs on Tuesday, December 2 at 7.30pm in Newburgh Public Hall for the Christmas Taste and Try evening.